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About Me

How would you like to have emotional freedom from anxieties and stress from the constant belief to be perfect the partner/lover, employee, boss, child, parent, etc.? Are you missing out on the promotion or not landing the job you wanted because you think you aren’t good enough? Do you suffer from dental anxieties, resulting in poor oral hygiene, decline in confidence and intimate relationships?

Ever wondered what’s holding you back from embarking on a new relationship and the joy it brings?

Well good news, ridding yourself of these thoughts and feelings is only a phone call away from The
Mindfulness Coach. While you may not know it, sometimes the change can be even extraordinary if you just let it. Imagine that, wouldn’t it be amazing! So pick up that phone and whatsapp her.

Shuen Lim’s interest in Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) was sparked in 1999, after a historic meeting with Beryl Comar, the Emotional Intelligence Development Specialist while working in Dubai.

Since then this initial interest has deepened into a strong professional commitment with her in related field of emotional behaviour, hypnotherapy and coaching. Having previously worked in multinational companies across Asia, she is no stranger to work stress environment challenges and different cultural sensitivities.

Shuen Lim is a member of the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia (AHPM), the Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH), the Meta Coach Foundation and NFNLP. And an ardent EFT practitioner, tapping her dog’s abandonment anxieties away whenever it crops up.


Besides her client-centric practice, Shuen is trustworthy and compassionate, committed to helping people change their thoughts to change their world for the better.


  • NFNLP Master Practitioner
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Gary Craig)
  • Hypnodontics for Hypnotist
  • Sleep Talk® for Children, the Goulding process
  • Fertility Coaching & Counseling
  • Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy
  • Practitioner in Clinical Hypnosis
  • Associated Certified Meta Coach (ACMC)

Shuen Lim is a Practising member of the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia (AHPM), NFNLP. Malaysia Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH) and the Meta Coach Foundation.

What clients have been saying

You know you tend to take someone for granted after living together for 20 years? That’s me and Slush, my cat. Over the years, we have a set routine from the moment we wake up till bedtime. The routine takes a break when I go on holidays and she goes to the cattery. One day, while on holiday, the cattery told me that she did not eat for the first three days. I brought her home on the fourth day and she continued to be finicky with eating. Her weight went down quickly and when we did blood tests, the vet said come back when you’re ready to euthanize. She has kidney failure, stage three. I was devastated and I wasn’t ready for her to go. I asked Shuen, whom I had met on the said holiday if I could come over for a session. During the session, I talked about Slush and reminiscence on all subject matters surrounding her. I laughed and I cried. Most importantly, I was very comfortable and our conversation flowed. We focused on what had happened during the holiday and the weeks following in detail. What is different from talking to a Coach and a friend is, the coach is trained- always listening, never judgmental and I like that instead of offering solutions, Shuen had encouraged me to discover my own. Without being guided, I would not have thought about what to do to bring upon closure to grieving. I felt a great sense of relief after the session and for the first time in that week, I slept soundly. Weeks after my session, the things we planned for closure became more defined and I felt ready for when the time comes. Our society tends to think that coaching / counselling is for the psychologically unstable. We don’t go through life without challenges and having a professional coach helps in many dimensions. Most importantly, they help you grow as a person.
... thank you very much for taking care of my husband K with sessions from you. Indeed he walks with more confident.....
Mrs VGeneral

Let change happen in your life today.

Currently serving the areas of Selangor and Penang.
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