Anticipatory Grief on Pet Loss

Anticipatory grief is defined as grief that occurs before death.

While most of us are familiar with the grief that occurs after a death (conventional grief), anticipatory grief is rarely mentioned or discussed. Maybe because even at this day and age people think it is taboo to express the deep grief and pain they going through and the need for emotional support.

Nonetheless, anticipatory grief provides an opportunity for personal growth at the end of life, a way to find meaning and closure.

Anticipatory grief begins when we, as pet parents, know without a doubt that we are going to loose our beloved pets from either dying of old age or terminal illness.
Anticipating loss during pet palliative care is very real leading to anxiety and fear..

Your pet will have good days and bad days during this period.
This causes confusion, not knowing when the right time to say farewell and our emotions a roller coaster.
On good days, we shift to the denial mode, believing that our pet is on the road to recovering.

Anticipatory grief often comes in the form of emotions including sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, physical distress and more. Often, a combination of these feelings and even glimmers of peace is experienced and is normal.

These symptoms that can affect you physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Looking after Yourself
With your emotions going up and down like a roller coaster, it will take a toll on your well being.

Give yourself permission to feel what you are feeling. It is perfectly OK. So it is important  to make time to look after yourself.

Reach out for support to facilitate coming to terms on your anticipatory loss journey

Talking to Coach with an interest in anticipatory grief on pet loss could be a good option  should the anticipatory grief of loss or bereavement is adversely affecting your quality of life.

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