Breaking The Silence On Death Workshop

Greif, bereavement, loss, taboo

Together with KLASS, a workshop to talk about death was held in March at the KLASS premise for members of the community.

eath is always in the background for every one of us. Some of us choose to ignore it because we think death is still far away, it is for the old. Or we avoid the unpleasant subject altogether.

While there are some who systematically prepare for death of parents and loved ones as they age, many of us choose to ignore death.

Yet, when death happens, no matter how prepared we are, we are still caught off guard and grieve.

This workshop conducted with KLASS broke the silence on death.

Shuen explored the topic of grief, bereavement and mourning; and why it is necessary. Caregivers and people from the AIDS community participated in discussing why they don’t talk about death.

The breakout sessions revealed that cultural and religious beliefs as well as avoidance of painful emotions prevents the participants from talking about death. With awareness that these are only beliefs, participants understood from shared experiences that mourning encompass one or more of the below:

·         Depression

·         Anger

·         Feeling of isolation or wanting to be alone

·         Rejecting support and

·         Why mourning is seemingly long

 In helping participants achieve a deeper understanding of this topic, Shuen dispelled many assumptions and shared on ways of grieving, getting support and most importantly, mindfulness of self.

World Hypnotism Day 2017

The Association of Hypnotherapist Practitioners Malaysia (AHPM) organised the 1st World Hypnotism Day event with a huge and wonderful response from the general public.

 Shuen Lim opened the event and introduced Dr. Lennie Soo, the President of  APHM presented the opening speech.

In her message, Dr. Soo shared the differentiation between stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis  and how hypnosis is able to  help and improves our daily lives. The public had the opportunity to  undergo  and experience relaxation hypnosis from Registered Hypnotherapists present at the event.